Games and Products we've deployed or published

Bad Dream VR

A browser-based 3D experience that brings you face-to-face with your fears


A tool for artists to create and share convenient practice regiments online.

TCC Center Rendering

Photorealistic renders of a room and furnishings for the TCC Center for Innovation.


An engaging and relaxing spelling game for iOS and Android.


A pixel art puzzle platformer game for the Nintendo Switch

La Introduccion

Learn Spanish in a Virtual Reality Application using Comprehensible Input and measuring comprehension by distinct environmental player reactions.

Space Fortress

Recreation of the old research game “Space Fortress” from the ground up on a modern engine for Florida State University’s College of Psychology

Shuttle 39

A two-player virtual reality experience that fully immerses the riders in an alien world

Lunar Lander

An interactive installation simulating the preparation of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module for launch.


An in-person, synchronous, room-based VR shooting game involving 3v3 gunfights in a rapidly deteriorating spaceship