Lunar Lander

CLIENT: Florids Historic Capital Museum

DEPLOYMENT: July, 2019

PLATFORM: Custom Hardware

PROGRAMS: Unity, Photoshop

OBJECTIVE: The Lunar Lander game was created for the Moon, Stars, and Sunshine State exhibit at the Florida Historic Capital Museum

CONCEPT: Create an interactive installation simulating the preparation of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module for launch.

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Coming Soon:

After a successful 6-month run at the Florida Historic Capitol, Lunar Lander will soon become a permanent exhibit at the Challenger Learning Center of Tallahassee


The project began with a request from the Florida Historic Capitol Museum. The 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing was coming up on July 20th, 2019. In honor of this event, the museum was planning on creating an interactive display on the topic as their next rotating exhibit. They already had several interactive examples, plenty of informational material, as well as some technology-focused creations they would be exhibiting.

In just two short weeks the team at Arcvale created an interactive installation from scratch. The game features five themed mini games that the player must beat to launch the Apollo 11 Lunar Module back into space. Our team created fully custom hardware, an original game design brought to life by our programmers, 2D sprites, and 3D models with animations all inspired by the original Lunar Module.


For this project, our sound team took snippets of the original Apollo 11 mission audio and enhanced it for use in our game. When playing the game, various sound clips will be played upon successful completion of any of the sections. Each section has its own sound bytes as well as failure and success effects as you progress. In this sound clip, you can hear various success (and failure) sounds as the player makes their way through the various sections to eventually launch the lander.

Learn about our process here:


Sarah Hall [Programmer]
Ethan Shelton [Programmer]
Logan Harold [Additional Programming]
Kara Raya [Lead Artist]
Alex wood [Lead Animator]
Taylor Lundy [2D Artist]
Jacob Wharton [Game Designer]
Christopher Tonner [Sound Design]
Bryan Clark [Game Designer]
Lucas von Hollen [Director]
Keith Roberson [Director]



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