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2D Artist
Art Department


A 2D Artist is a part of the large team of content creators, shaping in-game sets and characters. As a 2D Artist, you will help develop the visual quality of our technological experiences to the next level. The 2D Artist will report to the Lead Artist and Project Managers throughout the company, attend meetings to review their progress, and discuss project deliver completion goals. You will be working with an eclectic team of artists and other designers to help push the technology forward and create a thriving interactive environment. We are looking for an artist who take genuine joy in creating new designs and helping bring other creations life.


  • Create backgrounds, models, maps, logo art, and lots of other artistic endeavors.
  • Generate constructive feedback to other artists in your team.
  • Help develop future tools and communicate with designers, and coding teams to share knowledge and best practices.


  • Artistic abilitiy and a skill for interpreting reference and concept art.
  • Willingness to learn and the ability to adapt to current projects.
  • You are proficient in industry-standard tools and workflows, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and GitHub
  • You have experience creating assets and environments using photogrammetry in real-time game engines, such as Frostbite or Unreal.